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TSR's Jersey Fouls

This page is dedicated to those who fail to adhere to the code of wearing a jersey.  Here are the three cardinal rules to follow:

1. Don't wear a jersey to an game where the team you are wearing isn't playing! (i.e. Leafs jersey at a Flames-Stars game)

2. Don't put your last name on a jersey! (i.e. children are kind of exempt to this rule. We should punish the parent really)

3. NEVER, and I mean NEVER tuck your jersey into your pants.

For the complete, unabridged jersey rules, click here.

Of course with every rule, there's an exception.  This was submitted by Jeremy, wondering if it is actually a foul.  The council has ruled no, because the jersey speaks the truth, and the Flames were playing, therefore it's allowed.
That they do good sir!
-submitted by Jeremy
The Fouls:
Our first tucked-in jersey foul!
What the blue fuck is he thinking!?
-TheRev - Flames/Avs - Dec 8/11

A Euro jersey...with the name Clarke?
Sent in by Matt - Canes - Flames

Dude! No!
Sent in by Dave - Dec 2

Maybe have some Morals when picking a jersey!
Sent in by Kent - Flames Hawks

Time to cut down on the butter maybe?
Newman - Flames Hawks Nov 18

"I'm Worth"..about 99 cents I'm guessing
FOUL! - Flames vs. Avs
Sent in by Rooney 

Oilers vs. Flames and this guy
reps Flyers head to toe. Good for you sir!
Sent in by Greger 

Stanley C. Panther?
Apparently this is the mascot of the team, which
makes the jersey even worse. FOUL!
Sent in by Shauna - Panthers vs. Lightning - Oct 15

We duped these two Habs fans into a pic.
Flames vs. Pens - Submitted by Dave

"Dumpy over to Iginla, SCORES!"
Oh wait...FOUL!!!!
Flames vs Oilers - Newman

Big Hammer, eh?
I bet you drive a big truck too.
Flames vs Isles - Sent in by Dave

It's good to know fans from bad teams hang out together
Flames vs. Isles - Sent in by Dave

Jersey Fouls don't only happen at sporting events.
Crosby, Pittsburgh and hockey don't mix with
a Kenny Chesney concert.
- from Dave, July 17, 2011

This ain't right. You nome'sayin'?
- From Dan, March 26, 2011

Imagine my dissapointment when this turned
out to be a hot tub website.
Avs @ Flames - 17 March 2011
- submitted by Dan

Who owns a Blues jersey with 'Gretzky'
on it?  This idiot with the Riders toque.
Habs @ Flames - 20 Feb 2011

'MRXOTIC' - 69.  DUDE!!!
Habs @ Flames - 20 Feb 2011

Seriously? There is a good reason you were trying
to put your jacket on so quickly. So funny!
Sens @ Flames, Feb 9, 2011

There aren't any Devils fans in New Jersey,
why is there one in the Dome? 
He picks his nose too.
Kings @ Flames - February 5, 2011
Have some pics that you think are worthy of a jersey foul? Send them to
We look forward to hearing from you and seeing the horrible jerseys on display at every arena.